Ohio Universities Public Records Audit

Coordinated by The Post, Ohio University's independent student-run news organization

A wealth of information is available to all citizens. In theory, all you have to do is ask for it.

We aimed to determine whether Ohio's public, four-year universities are in compliance with the state's open records law. In January, dozens of student journalists participated in a public records audit of 12 Ohio universities.

Only seven auditors walked away with a record in hand or received that record via email within a week. The rest were either obstructed or denied their records, or sent to the university's general counsel or legal department.

Many of our auditors experienced issues requesting records that do not indicate full compliance with Ohio Sunshine Law. Nearly half of the auditors were asked for their names, affiliations and reasons for requesting the records, and 11 requests were obstructed because our auditors refused to identify themselves. Some auditors reported that the university officials they asked for records seemed unsure how to fulfill their requests or suspicious of the auditors. Some auditors were told their requests were not public information.

For more information, read our statewide results story here or view details in the application below.

There are multiple ways to review our findings. Click the results tab, inspect the map of Ohio universities or review results in the words of student journalists from each campus.

The audit was coordinated by Will Drabold and Danielle Keeton-Olsen at Ohio University. More than 30 journalists at eight student newspapers in Ohio assisted in the audit. To read our methodology, click here. For a full list of audit participants, click here.

Four-year universities in Ohio we audited

We audited 12 of Ohio's 14 public universities. Click any marker for a summary of each school's results and a link to more information.